rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still On the Back Burner For Now

I set up the chaise lounge on the back porch, thinking the growing kittens (its amazing how big they are getting) would prefer to sleep on the ample space it provides rather than in a precarious heap on the small lawn chair they've been using. Nope. They piled onto the chair again a couple of hours ago and have been there ever since. Maybe if I put some soft padding on the chaise they'll use it.

My head got yanked about this afternoon, and I hope that will keep it in place until my next appointment. Last month's yanking began to lose its grip after about three weeks, and I've been prone to considerable discomfort of late. Frequently falling asleep on a couch four inches too short for me might have something to do with that, though.

The unseasonable mildness will probably come to an end in a few days, and there is apt to be an excess of heat following. I'm pleased that we've gotten this far into summer without any serious heat waves, but the luck is bound to give out eventually.

I'm pretty sure I'll be calling black and white cat Portia, because it's a homophone for Porsche and I couldn't get her out of the garage for a couple of weeks. Listen up, stray felines, you don't want to be my cat because I'll give you a stupid pun for a name. Let this be a lesson to you.

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