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Chill, Dude [Jul. 7th, 2009|10:14 pm]
I'm luxuriating in the unseasonable coolness of these nights. Even the days are not too bad for the time of year. I don't even mind that the jasmine blossoms are all gone (because I decided not to squander a small fortune on water to keep them blooming longer this year.) The scent of cool air alone is sufficient. Tonight the moon will be full, and I look forward to spending a bit of time watching it, though I'll have to do so from the front yard. Striped cat and her kittens have taken over the back porch once again.

I've been giving the feral kitties less food, as I'm hoping striped cat will catch some more wild game for the kittens. The brave kitten now comes pretty close— almost as close as mom cat. The other two still hang back, but don't run entirely out of the yard or hide in the shed when they see me. Still, there's too much drama when I go out, with mom growling at me and the kittens in a near panic. Maybe they'll all become accustomed to me within a few days. They're getting pretty big, and I suspect she'll be weaning them soon. Then she'll probably run the males off, but I suspect she might keep the female around to help out with her next litter. Cats sometimes do that.

French Chanteuse Lys Gauty was a favorite of Colette and Cocteau. At YouTube I came across this tango she recorded in 1935.