rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Waiting For Godiva

Garage Cat is also Tree Cat. I found her perched high in the mulberry tree outside my window this evening. She has been up there a couple of other times recently too. I guess the garage gets pretty hot during the day, and the shady tree is more comfortable. Also, she undoubtedly sees me in my room when she positions herself in the right spot in the tree, and enjoys having me nearby. She is hidden from me by the thick foliage, of course, so I only see her if I go out and look carefully. It's the perfect lair for a stalker who is small and can climb. I have a feline stalker!

There was a chocolate incident last night. My dad apparently lost track of a square of a candy bar in a chair that has a brown cover on it. Last night I sat in the chair for a few minutes, and then discovered what looked like a piece of shiny, dark brown paper stuck on my hand. I tried to shake it off, but it came apart, some globs flying away and the rest remaining stuck to my hand. That's when I discovered that it was chocolate, melted by the heat. It had gotten on my clothes as well. I still keep getting whiffs of it now and then, so there's probably some that's soaked into the fabric. I'll have to check that chair carefully from now on before sitting in it.

Sadly, those are the most interesting things that have happened to me all day.

Something interesting could happen in a few days, as the high temperatures could be down into into the seventies, and nighttime lows could be in the low fifties! I might faint with delight!

Craving chocolate. But not on my pants.

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