rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reprieve Possible

The poppies aren't doing as well this year as they did last year. It might be the persistent early heat. I've been watering them, but few new blossoms are appearing. There are loads of mosquitoes, though. Every time I go out I get another bite.

Happier news is that the revised temperature forecast for the next two days is down to a mere 92, and then it will fall into the 80s. By Monday night there could be a low of 61! A sweater night! It wouldn't bother me at all if July turned out to be cooler than June.

What does bother me is that for the last couple of nights I've been hearing very few crickets. I doubt that they would be succumbing to the heat. Maybe the cats are eating them.

Celebrities continue to drop like flies, but at least these are older celebrities:

RIP Mollie Sugden.

RIP Karl Malden.

Slightly ghoulish bonus link, for followers of famous fatalities: Dead or Alive?

Time to go feed garage cat. The kittens will probably get something freshly killed by their mom, which is what they got early this morning. She'll be bringing them live prey soon. I don't think I'll watch.
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