rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oh, noes! It's not cooling off tonight! After ten o'clock it's still above seventy degrees!

The brave kitten sat and watched me from the far end of the walk again this evening. He didn't run off until I opened the screen door on returning indoors. The moving door must scare him more than I do. Still, he bangs against it while playing with his litter-mates on the back porch. The kittens are getting more rambunctious and ever noisier as they grow. Many back yard plants are probably doomed.

Garage Cat (aka black and white cat) now has a litter box and is using it. She's definitely a house kitty. And isn't it odd that cats come in litters and then learn to go in litter? And cats don't even speak English!

Time to put my fried brain under the shower.

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