rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Too Hot For a Subject Line

One of the kittens appears to be getting used to seeing me. It discovered me sitting on the back porch this afternoon and decided to remain and watch me from a distance of about thirty feet instead of immediately running away as they usually do. Then this evening a kitten (probably the same one) noticed me through the kitchen window and sat on the porch looking at me for quite a while. It won't be long before this kitten is brave enough to hang around growling at me, as its mom does, while I fill the food and water bowls for them. Kitties.

Hey, I think I just heard somebody set off an illegal Forth of July fountain nearby. I hope they only burn themselves and not the whole town.

Speaking of burning, two hellish 99 degree days in a row are expected here for the weekend. Maybe enough people will go to the lake and not run their air conditioners that there will be no power outages. I hope so, because tomorrow night's low is expected to be 70. If the house gets hot by day it will never cool off on such a warm night.

Now to go look at the waxing crescent moon for a while before it settles out of view among the pines.

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