rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Brain Slightly Less Fried

The kittens have discovered the pleasures of climbing the lilac bush. It's about eight feet tall, but so far they've only climbed about three feet. Previously they tried climbing the potted jade plants, and have broken a couple of the soft limbs from them. The lilac bush is not only taller but tougher, and ought to survive the kitty frolic unscathed. The door mat might not be so lucky, though. It's beginning to unravel from all the kitty claws that have been dragging it hither and yon.

Now that the evening coolness has arrived it's become very pleasant. A woodpecker spent several minutes chuckling atop the telephone pole near my window, and the crickets are all chirping away. The only distressing sound is the occasional buzz of a mosquito. Perhaps bats will visit tonight.

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