rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Firsts of the season today: First iced tea, first strawberry shortcake, first raccoon sighting, first mosquito bite, and, of course, first moonless night. It would probably be asking too much to see the first meteor of the season tonight, but I keep hoping anyway.

Right now there's a big Heap of Kitties napping on my back porch, so I can't go out there to look for meteors lest I create feline hysteria. I'll probably go out front instead, and encounter Garage Cat instead, who will be happy to see me but will pester me no end.

I'll wear a sweater as it was much cooler today than expected, and the evening has gotten cooler still. It would be nice if this would continue, but it probably won't.

Altogether not a bad beginning to the summer, though I could have done without the mosquito bite. At least it probably didn't give me dengue fever or any such thing. Happy (belated by now) solstice to all.

Sunday Verse


by Emily Dickinson

I know a place where summer strives
With such a practised frost,
She each year leads her daisies back,
Recording briefly, "Lost."

But when the south wind stirs the pools
And struggles in the lanes,
Her heart misgives her for her vow,
And she pours soft refrains

Into the lap of adamant,
And spices, and the dew,
That stiffens quietly to quartz,
Upon her amber shoe.

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