rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The last day of spring was as mild as I could hope, though the early morning hours were troubled by the distant sound of thunder. I saw no lightning, but there must have been some in the mountains. No rain fell here, though clouds linger even now. If there are lightning strikes on the higher forests I hope there's rain there too. Nobody wants another smoky summer.

The striped kitty and her kittens are hanging around the yard again. I saw the kittens playing on the woodpile this afternoon, and they stopped to watch me when they noticed me watching them. They still run if I go out the door while they are nearby, but they will be merely wary when they are at greater distances. I don't think any of them have yet figured out that I'm the one who puts the food in the bowl, but once they do I expect they'll come a bit closer. It's pretty certain that they're now too old to ever be domesticated, though. They'll be feral moochers like their parents.

The moon will vanish with the season this year. Monday, the first full day of summer, will host a new moon. That probably doesn't happen very often. But I'm not going to putz about on the Internets trying to find out just how often it happens. I have to go out and enjoy the night, and listen for thunder.

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