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We've gotten hospice care for mom, and among their other services they are providing a hospital-style bed for her room, which we installed today. Switching beds is an amazingly elaborate process, and took a couple of hours. I hope she can adjust to it and we don't have to switch it back again. She's going to have trouble dealing with the control that raises and lowers the upper and lower parts of the bed, so I'll probably have to be going in and adjusting it for her each time she wants it changed. Maybe she'll figure out how it works eventually, but I'm not counting on it. She still has trouble with the television remote.

The striped cat turned up early this morning with her three kittens in tow. I was happy to see them, of course, and surreptitiously watched them frolic in the back yard for a while. Later, she nursed them, although they'd just had a tasty snack of dry cat food. Well, I assume it was tasty, to them at least. I've never tried any sort of kitty food myself. I used to snag bits off of my dog's milk bone treats when I was a kid, and those aren't bad. I suspect from the smell that kitty food wouldn't be anywhere near as pleasant to my tongue.

Anyway, striped cat and the kittens stayed about an hour and then went back toward whatever place she's had them stashed the last couple of days. Then this afternoon she made a brief appearance with one kitten following her, but the kitten ran back out of the yard when it saw me. Then about nine o'clock this evening she came back with a different kitten, and they both had a snack. I don't know where the other two were, but it was getting dark and they might have been somewhere out of range of the porch light. But if they were here I'd have expected them to go for the food again.

Both cat and kitten have departed again, but I'll keep a lookout for them as the night wears on. I hope to see all three kittens again this morning, but it's a dangerous world out there for tiny cats. I'm really a bit surprised all three of them have survived this long, especially with all the feral tom cats around here. Two of the kittens are definitely male, and the toms are a threat to them especially.

Sunset turned the large spread of cirrus clouds in the west pink, and for a while the white blossoms of the jasmine were tinged with a paler shade of the sky's color. Quite a few of the blossoms have already shriveled, and the scent remaining is beginning to take on just a hint of decay. That's happening a bit earlier this year, spring having come a bit too soon. It's always a bit sad when the jasmine loses its freshness. I wish it could have lasted through June, as it used to do most years. The summer solstice is the day after tomorrow. The year is going fast.

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