rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


If the heat rises slowly you don't know you're being cooked, they say. Or is that frogs who don't know? The frogs here quit croaking some time ago because it's too dry. Anyway, I'm quite sure I'll know that I'm being cooked tomorrow when the temperature tops 90. I intend to get the house as cool as possible tonight by leaving the windows open and letting the cool, jasmine scented air flow through.

The stripped kitty has not returned. The yard remains kittenless. Gray cat came and beat up black and white cat again. I'd rather he not do that, but he'll undoubtedly do as he pleases.

I still haven't figured out why Microsoft has named its new, supposedly cutting-edge search site after a crooner who got his start in the 1920s and died decades ago. Bing isn't quite that retardataire. I'm already sick of the saturation ads for it on television, though.

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