rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Well Adjusted

The head yanking went well, and I feel better now but will probably be sore tomorrow. It was a pretty heavy yanking because, as I had suspected, my neck and right shoulder had both gotten knocked awry by the recent heavy lifting of nonagenarian I'd done. I hope to avoid any lifting in the future.

The kittens just finished their evening frolic on the back porch. I can have it back for a while now. They've either been taken on an adventure by their mom or they've gone back to the shed for a nap.

Today's clouds were spectacular, though they brought no rain. I heard no thunder from the mountains either, though the heaped masses of cloud certainly looked like thunderheads. In fact the weather forecast now includes a possibility of thunderstorms here for the next three days. If there's lightning there'd better be plenty of water too. We don't need no stinking fires.

I would greatly appreciate some rain, as I believe that Scotch Broom pollen has invaded my right ear canal— at least there's a clump of enormous Scotch Broom plants in bloom along the roadside at the end of my block, and I keep hearing a sound like a Scottish burr in my ear. Brrrrrrr! Annoying. Come, rain, wash the air clean!

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