rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Nice weather continues with fluffy clouds over the mountains and nice cirrus clouds making intermittent shade here. I'm happy that it continues to be cool, too. The longer summer is put off, the better.

This afternoon I saw what I first took to be a large termite perched on a plastic chair on the back porch, but it turned out to be two smaller bugs copulating tail to tail. As I watched they flew off, still at it. Shameless insects!

Then I saw a squirrel come over my fence, with a blue jay fluttering nearby. Blue jays like to follow squirrels around because squirrels find nuts and open them, and are sloppy eaters, so that tasty morsels often fall around them, which the blue jays can then snatch. I guess the jays are getting tired of eating the cat food I leave out.

The cats are still hanging around, of course, and the kittens still scatter whenever they see me, even through the window. Their eyesight must be getting better, or they are becoming more attentive, as when they're near the house they usually spot me as soon as I look out.

Gray cat came in the garage this evening and picked a fight with black and white cat in the rafters. When, on hearing the fracas, I went into the garage, gray cat freaked and couldn't find his way down. It was funny to watch him run back and forth across the beams, trying to decide which way down would be best, the black and white cat growling and hissing at him all the while. Poor kitties. They do make life more difficult for themselves and each other than they need to.

My head yanking appointment is tomorrow afternoon, and not a moment too soon.

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