rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


All afternoon the sky alternated between gray haze and thin wisps of cirrus clouds. Though the evening smells damp, I doubt there will be rain. The frogs would like some, I'm sure. I think I hear a few croaking tonight, though the nearby crickets are so loud it's hard to tell for sure. The stream will be drying up by now, despite the mild air and days of intermittent sun. We are headed for a sequence of five nearly identical days. What will happen beyond then could be more of the same or the sudden onset of blazing heat. One never knows with June.

The jasmine blossoms are now so numerous that the hedge is mostly white, with just a smattering of green leaves showing through. It's especially fetching by moonlight, when the green almost vanished into night and the white hovers like an intricate starched lace unstirred by any vagrant breeze which might arise. The scent is nearly overpowering, invading the house even when the windows are closed. I don't recall it ever being this strong. This is a vast improvement over this time last year, when the air was heavy with smoke and all I could smell was burning forest.

The striped cat is now taking her kittens out every night. I think she's eager to get them weaned and trained to hunt so she can abandon them and get on with having another litter. Gray cat still shows up now and then, and last night ate the food I left out front for the black and white cat, but I haven't seen him eat any of the food out back lately. He leaves that for striped cat and the kittens, I guess.

It's a good thing my next head-yanking appointment is this Thursday. My neck is getting very sore, partly because I keep falling asleep on the couch, and the couch is about four inches too short for me. I'd try to go back to lying on the floor while watching television, but I'm sure that if I did a nearly-blind old person would come out and trip over me. That would be real trouble.

Belated shower time.

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