rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sky has cleared enough to reveal the full moon, but if I go out to watch it I'll frighten the kittens. They spent most of last night on the back porch, and much of this afternoon playing in the back yard. I'd like to have my yard back, and will probably soon begin going out whenever I want, regardless of the kitten panic which ensues. If they're going to live here they'll just have to get used to me eventually anyway.

The poor black and white kitty got herself trapped in the garage this evening when my dad failed to notice her there when he closed the door. I discovered her napping in a laundry basket about three hours later. For the moment I'm letting her stay in the garage, as its safer than being outside where various feral cats are roaming about, but she'll have to be let out soon. There's no kitty litter and I don't want her taking a dump in the laundry. I don't think we'll get any more rain, so she won't get wet when I let her out. For the moment I'm also enjoying being able to at least use the front yard without having a cat try to squeeze past me into the house when I come back indoors.

But I'm a bit punchy from not getting enough sleep for the last several days. Mom has taken a lot more looking after since her fall, and she keeps waking me up at all hours to do various tasks for her. Between her and the cats, my life has gotten much more complicated recently. I hope no more complications arise, but they probably will.

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