rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Strange Day

This drizzling is of the sort that arrives in late winter, and the day was colder than expected, adding to the un-June-like atmosphere. The poppies had all squeezed their petals shut by mid afternoon when I woke. Gray afternoon passed into damp evening, the rain-polished pavement vanishing as darkness fell. So far this storm has brought no thunder or lightning, and its rain has been slow and intermittent, but the clouds are thick enough to conceal the nearly-full moon which by now must be risen.

By most of the signs this could hardly be spring and yet, even dripping wet, the jasmine blossoms continue to perfume the air, the strong scent dispersing any images of winter as quickly as they enter my mind. It's like being trapped between seasons, unable to settle in either. My intent is now to choose a book and read myself into some place less ambiguous than the here and when.

Striped cat and her kittens have established their nightly claim on my back porch. My porch is Pwned! I only hope black and white kitty doesn't try to pay a visit there.

Rain again tomorrow they say, and chilly air. However strange this makes the time, the longer June puts summer off the better, says I.
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