rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

There were brief showers this morning, I've been told. I slept through them. The predicted thunder and lightning failed to arrive. A thunderclap or two would surely have wakened me. By the time I did wake the ground was dry, all evidence of the precipitation having vanished.

Well, the grass did smell a bit fresher this afternoon. I guess that's evidence of a sort. The bit of rain left the day quite springlike, and that pleased me. There've been few springlike days this spring. Now we have the possibility of thunderstorms for the next three days, and plain rain the next two days. At least it won't be hot or cold. We can do without air conditioning, and the furnace won't be needed either. Open windows, scent of jasmine, and lower power bills. I'll take that.

It's going on eleven o'clock and the black and white kitty hasn't turned up yet. I last saw the three kittens in my back yard about five o'clock, and their mom was out there alone fifteen minutes later. Now she has vanished too. Have all my stray cats deserted me at once? Have I angered Bastet?

Having missed the celestial shower, I'm eager for my mundane shower. I'll close my eyes and pretend it's rain.
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