rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moving On

The renters next door still aren't completely moved out! They turned up an hour ago with two cars and a pickup truck and are now taking more stuff out. That house was like a clown car. It must have been stuffed to the ceiling. Anyway, the black and white cat didn't show up on my porch until after the neighbors arrived to do more moving, so I am once again thinking they are the owners, and they've just been leaving the cat in the house all day and coming over to let it out at night even though they aren't really living in that house anymore. Maybe they think she's a guard cat. The cat tried to get in my front door just now, of course. She would probably prefer living with me than with her current people, but I can't have a cat right now.

Though I apparently do have a cat— or a cat has me, more accurately. The striped cat was still here all night last night, and is in the back yard with her kittens right now. I haven't seen the gray cat for a couple of days, and less food is vanishing from the bowl, so I'm thinking striped cat might have quite tolerating him and has run him off. He's probably the kittens dad, too, since all three are gray. But the white faced cat might be their dad instead, because he is mostly gray, though a bit stripy, but I haven't seen him for a few weeks. Anyway, single-mom cat and kittens appear to be firmly ensconced here. This plethora of kitties is bringing me all too much excitement.

The weather, however, is almost monotonous. Every day the same giant clump of white clouds forms over the mountains to the northeast, and somewhat formless gray clouds hover over the mountains the stretch southward. By evening the white clouds have been absorbed into the formless gray mass, which has spread west as well, hazing the setting sun. Then the crescent moon appears. The heat persists each day, with the jasmine scented air of evening heavy and slow to cool. The middle of next week is expected to be cooler, and there are now two days sporting a possibility of rain, but I won't hold my breath— though the abundant pollen seems to be trying to make me do exactly that. Permanently.

If tonight turns out to be the night they finally take the black and white kitty away, at least we got about fifteen minutes of lap time. She purred a lot, and didn't bite me. That will be about the best last memory I could have of her.

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