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Black and white cat is still here. She's hanging around out front right now, possibly because early this morning when she came to visit me in the back yard she encountered the striped cat, who chased her out of the yard. Striped cat is currently in the back yard with her three kittens. Gray kittens.

The kittens are already terrified of me, and hide in the bushes when I go out the back door. Striped cat is bolder than she used to be, though. She comes very close to me, though not close enough to touch. I think she's trying to distract me from the kittens. She did the same thing with gray cat when he showed up this afternoon. She likes both of us, but doesn't trust us. Black and white cat she neither likes nor trusts.

I put bowls of water and of dry food out for striped cat this afternoon, not too far from where she was lying with her kittens. A short time later I saw all three kittens eating from the bowl. It might have been their first solid food. They sampled the water, too, but didn't linger over it. The dry food they wolfed.

My mom fell down last night. It was bound to happen sooner or later, as her legs are getting wobbly. She grabbed onto the door whe was opening as she lost her footing and sort of slid down it, banging the door against the wall, and her head against the door. She got a few nasty bruises, and a cut on her head (probably from hitting the door latch on her way down) but otherwise doesn't have any major damage.

She's going to be sore for a few days, but that is likely to be as much from being pulled back up onto her bed as from the fall itself. She couldn't get into a standing position from the floor. It took two of us to get her back into the bed, and my shoulder has been sore ever since. I think it put something out of place in my neck. I might end up with more damage from her fall than she will.

My dad fell a couple of years ago, and got banged up a lot worse, but the experience made him much more cautious. I hope mom learns the same lesson from this event. We gave her one of her pain pills and she's sleeping now. We talked to her doctor on the phone, and if she shows any further signs of damage then tomorrow we'll take her to the hospital to get checked out. She'll fight that every inch, I'm sure.

We'd have taken her today but she's very insistent that she doesn't want to go. Stubborn people can get even more stubborn as they get older, and she's accustomed to having her way in everything. She's going to be demanding a lot of attention tonight once she wakes up, and as usual she'll get it, but if she thinks she's going to get up and wander around the house on her own she'll have to think again. I'll be watching her closely.

It was ninety degrees today, and the same is expected for the next three days. It was not only hot but bit muggy, with big, white clouds lingering above the mountains. This weather is beginning to remind me of last May, when that lightning storm came through and set half the state on fire. On the list of things we don't need right now, that ranks way up near the top.

But the jasmine is giving off a detectable scent at last. I hope the air cools quickly tonight, so I can turn off the air conditioner, open the windows, and let the perfume drift in.

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