rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moar Kitteh Stuffs

The renters next door hauled off their back yard lawn furniture this afternoon. I'm guessing they took the black and white cat with them, too, if she belongs to them. She visited my yard the last two nights, but probably won't be here tonight. That might be a good thing, because this afternoon the stripped cat turned up with three kittens in tow.

The kittens look no more than a couple of months old. I'm surprised she brought them here since she knows that other cats frequent this yard. The gray cat won't be happy if any of them are male, and if the black and white kitty is still around, she probably won't like any of them. She's hated every other cat she's seen so far.

The striped cat and her kittens have been napping in the part of the yard closest to the fence the black and white cat comes over to get here. There could be a sudden confrontation. But maybe the striped cat knows the black and white cat is gone. It's nice to have kitties around, and the kittens are very cute (all three were attacking their mom's tail during a play session a while ago) but cats can certainly complicate my life.

Here's a kitty who doesn't complicate my life: Maru and the little box (on YouTube since October, and now with 3,551,723 views and counting.) Mugumogu has 87 videos, and all of them are apparently Maru doing one thing or another.

I found Maru via Dipity, the Internet memes site.

It's now about the time the black and white kitty usually turns up. I'll go out and see if she does so tonight. If she doesn't, it's pretty certain the renters took her to their new place. If she does turn up, I'll have to see what can be done to avert kitten-related disaster. I won't be very pleased either way.
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