rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Moving is still going on next door. I don't know if anybody is there tonight, but the black and white kitty has visited me a couple of times, and spent half an hour on my lap while I sat on the back porch listening to the house creak as the air cooled. The temperature range is about twenty five degrees, and the chilling takes place pretty rapidly once the sun sets. I finally had to come in to get a sweater, and while I was doing so the gray cat appeared and ran the black and white cat off. In the confrontation, the water bowl was spilled, so one or both of the kitties probably got wet. Black and white kitty might be better off if she does get taken away from here.

In recent days I've been hearing a greater variety of bird songs than I've ever heard here before. The range of various species of fowl must be shifting. I can't identify any of the new voices, but it's nice to have them. As long as the acorn woodpeckers stick around, I don't mind the changes. This place wouldn't be the same without the woodpeckers.

Another Keyboard Cat video. I don't know if this one was staged or spontaneous.


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