rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Movers and Shakers

The renters next door are apparently moving. There's a newly-sprouted "For Rent" sign in their front yard. There was much coming and going there today, and it's still going on tonight. The black and white cat is still around so far, but if she lives there they might be leaving her for last. Moving a kitty is never easy. I'll miss her if they take her away, but probably less than she'll miss me. I don't think she gets much attention from anyone else.

Of course if they move out and the cat is still here, that means she was probably never their cat (unless they are abandoning her), and I have no idea if she belongs anywhere or not. Then I'll have to decide whether or not she's now my cat. At this point in my life it's much better to get visits from somebody else's cat than to have a cat of my own.

And if the place rents quickly and the new tenants have a dog or a cat of their own, then Black and White kitty will want to spend all her time here instead of staying next door most of the time as she's done so far. Complications. What have I gotten myself into? Why do I get the feeling I'm like the guy in this video:


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