rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I spent too much time being helpful to a total stranger on the Internets and now don't have time for a proper entry.

I did have time to read my friends page, though, and found a couple of amusing links:

Via springheel_jack, The Life and Times of a Holodeck Janitor, from Something Awful. (This, too, took up several minutes, but was totally worth it.)

Via paul, Viral Like the Wolf! It's the Amazon Tuscan Whole Milk phenomenon all over again. The Amazon customer reviews their own selves. No, I haven't read them all. They go on for 45 pages! I blame rising unemployment.

Plus there's unintentional humor of a sort in LJ's self-celebratory decision to allow certain users to give a limited amount of virtually nothing to their LJ friends at virtually no cost to themselves. Free ones and zeros for nobody's actual birthday!

Shower time. Wash the heated day away.

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