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The cricket population is burgeoning in this heat. That's one of the good things about it. Feeling like I'm being baked when I get into the direct sunlight is one of the not-so-good things. So far we've avoided using the air conditioner, but tomorrow looks like it could be the day I'll have to give in and start gobbling electricity to stay only moderately uncomfortable. Only a profusion of jasmine blossoms could compensate, but so far none have appeared. I must be content to wait for the cool hours of night when I sit outside and listen to the crickets. Then I go in and put lotion on my fresh mosquito bites. Oh, premature summer!

Now, on to the linkery pokery!

The weird Nazi cartoon on this page is truly weird. German propaganda humor! Inevitably, it reminded me of the Monty Python Funniest Joke In the World sketch. Someday, everything will be on the Internets.

A Flickr puzzle I've been unable to solve: Where and when was this photograph taken? Mid to late 1940s is almost certainly right for the time, but place is puzzling. So far the most common guess is that it depicts a post-WWII housing development, but I doubt that's right. I'm more inclined to think the guy who suggested a southern mill town is on the right track, though I harbor some doubts even of that. I'm sure it's not either of the Levittowns, though. No curbs or gutters, and bad drainage let that out. Any clues?

Here's a Babblefish translation of an entry in one of the Russian journals (hello, peripatetic Russian) that friended me recently (and will doubtlessly unfriend me within a few days, as these peripatetic Russian journals always do.) I found the Babblefish version oddly charming:
I understand, that it is necessary somehow to be scattered, I am sufficient jacket and I run out to the street - entire court it discusses the absence of the Internet. She did not know that in our house of so many [yuzerov]! [O]! And [Katka] Of [tyagacheva] here - here already strange essence, why by it [inet]? Or simply it did leave with the neighbors to be pulled? She did want to slip, but from The [katerininogo] eye perhaps where you will disappear? “Jackdaw! Go here rapidly! In you also it [inet] with wet provider it was covered?”
I wonder what it really says?

This is not time of year to skip a daily shower! Off to be wet, before it's too late!

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