rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon I saw a triangular piece of dry cat food moving across my porch. Looking closer, I saw that it was being dragged by a single ant. I watched for a few minutes, during which time the ant managed to ant-handle the food about five inches. Half an hour or so later I went out and both ant and food were gone. There's no telling how far that ant dragged that chunk of food, but there must have been great joy at the nest when it arrived.

A short time ago there was great h owling among the dogs not too far east of here. There have been a couple of mountain lion sightings in town in the last few weeks, so every time I hear all the dogs start howling I imagine a big kitty stalking the night. It was probably just one of those canine sympathy howls, though, when one dog howls and the rest all join in.

There was noise early this afternoon, too, but of human origin. It woke me up and the shortage of sleep has left me cranky all day. I'm going to go fall asleep in front of the television now.

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