rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Vernal sounds now dominate the days, from the early chattering and drumming of the woodpeckers as the morning sky turns pale, to the soft chirps of the crickets and the croaking of frogs as dusk falls. In between, nature's sounds are often accompanied by such human noise as the drone of lawn mowers and the thump of bass emitted by the sound systems of passing cars.

I find myself waiting for the town to go to sleep so I can listen to the rustle of spring breezes, and smell the air they bring unsullied by exhaust fumes. My nocturnal habits are most rewarding this time of year. Alas, tomorrow I must rise early, as the air conditioner will be getting its annual service and cleaning. If spring would last longer, I could do without the air conditioner, and there would be one less noise to disturb the serenity.
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