rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was mist punctuated by occasional sprinkles all evening, but real rain didn't fall. I kept listening for it, but heard only the croaking frogs and chirping crickets. Still, the night air grew rich as it was scented by the damp earth and vegetation. Finally, as eleven o'clock neared, I heard the soft sound of drops hitting the leaves of the mulberry outside my window. I went outside and the black and white cat came to greet me, her fur glistening with bright drops that caught the rays of the porch light.

But this qualifies as an April shower, though it's barely under the wire. Whether it will amount to more remains for May to reveal. I hope for a good soaking that will energize the poppies and increase the likelihood of an abundant crop of jasmine blossoms to scent the nights of June.

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