rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was a good day for birds. Thrushes came around singing this afternoon, and the acorn woodpeckers chuckled far into the dusk. About the time the woodpeckers quieted down, a flock of geese flew over the house, heading west. They're hanging around California pretty late in the season. All the good nesting places are apt to be gone by the time they return to the north.

Despite bright sun, the air remained fairly chilly all day, and the golden poppy (still singular) spent the afternoon closed up, as did all the little purple blossoms on the sourgrass. They'll get more warmth tomorrow, but, to my delight, the chance of rain now extends from Friday through Sunday, and has risen back to 30% for the weekend. Though it will be a rather warm rain (if it comes at all) and will probably do nothing for the snow pack in the mountains, I'll be happy to get wet. I'll bet those geese will, too.

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