rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Here Today

There was very little cat drama tonight. I heard the beginnings of a cat fight next door, but when I went out and made some noise one of the cats apparently beat a retreat, and who but the black and white cat should come hopping over my fence. She'd already been here earlier to get her evening snack and try to sneak into the house when I went back in. Having seen me twice tonight, she then decided to stick around, and when I went out back a few minutes ago to refill the food bowl, there she was again. A most persistent kitty. I've seen none of the others since last night, but one or more will be bound to show up. I'm expecting cat #6 to turn up any time now, as well. It's inevitable.

The pavement is all gritty with crushed, dead oak blossoms. It sets my teeth on edge to walk on it, and I'm sure I'm tracking the stuff into the house despite wiping my feet. It's all over the doormat, too, and won't sweep away. Sneezes galore.

RAWR! Well, it probably wouldn't make that sound underwater, but it looks like that sound.

Topping eighty degrees by Sunday. Oh, dear.

Oh, and that guy Brad who used to have something to do with the LJ popped in to wish us a happy collective birthday. Happy Collective Birthday, us.

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