rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mystery Contretemps

A while ago I heard what sounded like a brief cat fight. It's chilly tonight, so the windows were closed making it impossible for me to tell just where it was. A few minutes later I went out to the back porch and saw that the chair where I set the food bowl was awry, and most of the water had been splashed out of the water bowl nearby. Oddly, there was no cat fur lying about as I would expect to give evidence of a cat fight. The black and white cat had been out there earlier, eating. Most of the food I'd given her was still in the bowl, though a few pieces were scattered on the porch.

I don't know if the black and white cat was interrupted at her meal by another cat, or if she had already left and perhaps the gray cat and the white-faced cat both showed up and fought. I'd expect the gray and white-faced cat to have had a longer fight, though, and to have strewn a great deal of each other's fur about. It's very strange. I don't suppose I'll ever find out what happened. Whatever it was, I hope it wasn't too terrible.

It's supposed to get considerably warmer tomorrow. It's going to be nice not to have the furnace going so much at night, but I've been enjoying the cool days and I'll miss them. The nights will remain chilly for now. It's definitely getting springy.

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