rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, cat number four showed up today. It was bound to happen. Start feeding one feral cat, and eventually you'll be inundated with cats. This one might be the tabby who was hanging around last year. I don't remember her markings exactly, and today's visitor seemed a bit larger and her markings a bit more contrasty than last year's tabby, but she might not have been fully grown then. In any case, she hung around much of the evening, but left before the time the black and white cat has been showing up.

Then the black and white cat left before the gray cat arrived. I just gave him a fresh bowl of food, as the other two had polished off what was there. I suppose I'll have to feed the white faced cat too, if he shows up later. Plus, the black and white cat is usually around somewhere nearby all night, and will probably be back for more later. Kitties will eat me into the poorhouse, I'm sure. At least they've timed themselves so there were no fights tonight. I wonder how long that will last? And I wonder how long before more cats discover that there's food being put out?

The clouds thinned out just in time for me to see the full moon rise tonight. The rain probably won't be back anytime soon. It's going to be dry clouds for cool days on end. There's probably been enough water to coax some more flowers out, though, so I'll be satisfied with that.

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