rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The black and white cat is stalking me. She's discovered that there's a front door to the house as well as a back door, and she's apt to turn up at either one. I checked the web site of the local paper to see if anybody had put in a lost cat ad, but there are none. I think maybe she's been abandoned. I think maybe I know why.

The other night she slept for a while on a counter outside my kitchen window, and though there was a little rain falling there wasn't enough to create the small pool that sometimes drips onto the counter from the leaky skylight in the porch roof. Nevertheless, there was a pool of liquid next to the cat. The next day I sniffed the stain on the counter and found that it was cat urine. Apparently she pees in her sleep. An incontinent kitty! That's something very likely to lead to abandonment.

She still wants to come indoors, but this is no time for me to be adopting any cat, and especially not one that would probably soak the furniture and the carpets and everything else. I don't think the kitty is neutered, as the gray cat tried to approach her the other night and, though she rejected him with snarls and hisses and growls, he didn't attack her, and didn't show any particular fear of her. Feral tom cats typically behave that way only with fertile females. On the other hand, incontinence is more common in spayed cats than in those that are intact. It's a puzzle.

For comic relief: Pop Goes the Astley! Rick gets rolled by Microsoft SongSmith! I knew that, eventually, Microsoft would screw something up in an entertaining way.

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