rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Once Bitten

Spring brings an abundance of both blessings and curses. Among the most irritating of the latter are the tiny insects which begin flitting about my face as I'm using the computer. I suppose they are attracted by the light of the monitor, or perhaps by my own tastiness, but however much I swat and blow at them, they continue to distract and annoy me. They also greatly increase the attractiveness of the outdoors, as they seem to prefer the still warmth of the house to the cool night breezes.

Of course, outdoors— at least until it cools off— I run a greater risk of being bitten by mosquitoes and thus being infected by all manner of deadly ailments. In fact, I've already gotten one bite. The compensation is that outdoors I get to listed to the frogs who are eating as many mosquitoes as they can get their sticky little tongues on. There could be silent, mosquito-eating bats about, too. Do I dare depend on the insectivores to protect me from the tiny, blood-sucking predators? I guess I'll have to, as the tinier non-bloodsuckers in the house are driving me crazy. Out I go!

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