rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Ooh, updated Flash player! Because the old one had a security flaw, or so Adobe said. There's apparently no difference in the way stuff plays, though.

Acrobat Reader has a flaw too, but I didn't get any automatic warning about it. Maybe because I'm still using Acrobat 5. I am so behind the digital times.

But why would I be concerned about digital times when there's weather to be enjoyed between sneezes? Not to mention all the birds that require listening to as afternoon's breezes rustle the new leaves, and all the frog music that must be heard once night begins to fall.

Very soon the moon will begin showing again, too. Tonight is moonless, and thus I have spare time I would otherwise be spending to sure the lunar progress was what it ought to be. I think I'll make some waffles. My waffle iron being round, it will remind me of the missing moon, and I can eat the waffles into moon-slivers, so it will be like watching the moon wane. Mmm, hot buttered moon with cinnamon sugar! Perfect for a cool spring night.

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