rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The tingling of my eustation tubes tells me that the pollen season has begun. That's always an early sign. Tomorrow, the sneezing will commence in earnest. This afternoon I sat outside and watched the small birds who are now flocking everywhere, but show a marked preference for my lawn. When going out the back door I would invariably startle several of them and they would flit off, chirping loud warnings. If I sat very quietly they would slowly return, and as long as I made no sudden movements or no noise, they would peck happily at the lawn and in the dirt around the rose bushes. The gray cat napped nearby for much of the time, oblivious to the tiny avian morsels.

Aside from the pollen count, the weather is about to be quite enjoyable. In our five day local forecast, no high will be less than seventy and no low above fifty. Ah, spring's extravagant diurnal range!

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