rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Birds all over the place today. They must be enjoying the sun, and they found no shortage of munchables in my lawn. I don't know if they were eating seeds or tiny insects, but no avian starvation was likely. The absence of cats might have helped to encourage the bird-fest. The gray cat didn't show up until evening. He was probably sleeping off the big meal he had early this morning, when I spotted him alone on the porch and gave him another can of soft food while white-faced cat wasn't around. He'd already downed a big helping of dry food, so he was probably stuffed. I had oatmeal.

This evening, a couple of hours on the Internets produced no interesting links. The Internets languish with spring fever, as do I.

Even the frogs are quiet tonight. I'm going to watch the television.

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