rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Creeping Toward Balmy

The gray cat turned up late last night, so he got some tuna. He enjoyed it. This afternoon he napped in the back yard again,even thought here was no patch sunlight for him to lie in. The day was a gray as he is. So far I haven't seen any evidence of a hairball, so I don't know if the tuna worked or not. He might have chucked it up before he came back today. Here he just lazed around, ignoring the squirrel who kept barking at him. Cats are seldom interested in squirrels, I've noticed.

It's supposed to clear up tomorrow and the temperature could reach into the 70s. A couple of such days won't bother me, but I hope the prediction of more rain for the weekend is accurate. A rainy equinox would be nice.

Linkage: Art fans must visit The Museum Syndicate, which bills itself as "the World's Greatest Virtual Museum!" It just might be. I've seen bigger scans of various Hopper works (naturally I'd head for those first) on the Internets, but never such a great variety of his work accumulated on one site. 184 of them! Kept me busy for hours.

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