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Balm [Mar. 12th, 2009|11:52 pm]
The day was so bright and breezy that I left my window open until long after nightfall. Then I had to close it because somebody int he neighborhood lit a fire in their fireplace, even though the night isn't really very cold. They're probably trying to use up their supply of wood while there's still a hint of chill. One week until the equinox (March 20!)

Once the days get a bit warmer I'll have to contend with all that pollen that spring brings, so it was nice to have the windows open before that scourge arrives.

Gray kitty ate quite a bit more this evening, so maybe he's already upchucked his probable hairball. I haven't seen the white-faced cat for several days. I guess that's a good thing, as it lets the gray cat have the place to himself while he recovers.