rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Here at Last

I almost did it again. Midnight approaches, and I'm unposted. Why must the Tubes of Internets be so fascinating?

I read Salman Rushdie's article A Fine Pickle at the Guardian, and it's not about pickles, it's about movies made from books. Even though movies made from books are nowhere near as good as pickles these days, Rushdie's article is very good indeed.

Then I did some digging back among the posts at Floyd Bariscale's Big Orange Landmarks, where he is documenting the city of Los Angeles's official Cultural and Historic Landmarks one by one, with well-researched text and nice photographs. The most recent post is about Landmark #217, a nice Victorian house in Angeleno Heights, north of downtown. I've read no more than a quarter of them so far, but I intend to get through all of them eventually.

Then I stumbled upon History L.A., a weblog kept by writer Vickey Kalambakal, where I ended up poking about in the archives, frequently thinking "Ha, I remember that!" Plus it has still more photos.

And of course there was a bunch of other stuff, and then I had to read LJ, too. How do I ever find time to do anything in the real world? Luckily, I did find time to get my head yanked this afternoon. That should keep me able to sit at the computer for another month.

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