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One of the things I'd have written about yesterday If I hadn't forgotten to write anything is that there was a morning thunderstorm which kept me awake for two hours. The sound of rain often puts me to sleep, but lightning flashing at my window and thunder thundering is not conducive to rest. It finally quieted down and I got to sleep, and by the time I woke up that afternoon there was only a bit of rain falling. Today there was partial clearing. Though very little sunlight reached my locality, great swaths of sky were blue and masses of white cloud surrounded them. There were a few brief showers of small hailstones which made me think another thunderstorm would arrive, but none did.

With dusk, the waxing moon appeared amid racing clouds, and aside from a few sprinkles, there's been no more rain. In fact, it looks as though there will be no more rain for several days, so I'll be able to go to my re-scheduled head yanking tomorrow afternoon without risk of getting soaked. I'll miss hearing the rain, though. I've gotten so accustomed to it lately.

I followed Stephen's command and went to Colbert Nation and followed the link to NASA's website, and entered "Colbert" in the suggestion box for a name for Node 3 of the space station. Tonight, Colbert has replaced Xenu (the Galactic Overlord of the Church of Scientology's pseudo-myth) in the top position among suggested names. Everyone must do this! Each visitor to the NASA web site can vote once a day until March 20.

Of course, there's no guarantee that one of the names suggested by visitors to the site will beat all (or any) of NASA's pre-picked names (you can vote for one of them instead, if you're a total loser) and, even if Colbert gets more votes than any other name, NASA is not obliging itself to use it. But it's worth a shot. And just think, some time in the future when the space station comes crashing to earth, the piece that is named Colbert might fall in your yard!

Oh, NASA's pre-picked names are Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity, and Venture, with Serenity currently in the lead with a whopping 86% of pre-pick votes. No percentages are given for user-suggested names. Personally, I'd even rather have the thing named Xenu than any of those dumb-ass Trekkoid names NASA offers.

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