rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sun emerged for a while this afternoon, and a pair of robins visited my back yard to splash in the rain water that had collected in the big bowl the birds share with the feral cats. A squirrel showed up about the same time and scampered about finding morsels to eat. Squirrel and birds didn't seem to take any notice of one another, though they were at times only a few feet apart. The cats weren't around. Then, at dusk, I heard a big chorus of frogs croaking over toward the seasonal stream. Harbingers of spring, when February isn't even over!

Good news is that the tarp over the roof successfully prevented any leaks during the recent rain. More rain is on the way, so I hope it holds.

Very few things cause my computer to crash anymore (take that, Sluggo!) but the worst offender among those that do is Google Maps. I've had my browser shut down while using the street view at least a half dozen times in recent months. I wonder if a RAM upgrade would help? I certainly need something. Tonight I lost a long post (to another web site that lacks a restore-previous-draft feature) when I went to check something on Google Maps. Must remember to save work before using Google Maps! Annoying.

Running late again.

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