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This afternoon, a lull in the rain brought a number of blue jays to my front yard. They bickered loudly among themselves for several minutes. Probably fighting over the best worms. Another blue jay screeched at me when I went out the back door. This one was probably warning me away from the bowl of dry cat food I leave out there. Blue jays are clever birds, but sadly lacking in the social graces. If they were humans they'd blog.

It looks as though the rain is apt to continue off and on for the next five days, at least. So far it's been fairly warm rain for the time of year, but it's supposed to get cooler by Thursday. That's the day I have to go get my head yanked by the chiropractor again. I'll probably get wet, catch a chill, and die of pneumonia. Or maybe I'll just warm up with some hot tea and a muffin when I get home. That probably would be the better course.

Meanwhile, what is a Posterous? Some call it Minimalist Blogging, but to me it sounds like a nonsense word that might have turned up in a song in The Wizard of Oz.

It looks as though Dubya is off the hook. Felix Salmon says it was actually a guy named David Li who destroyed Capitalism. Well, he doesn't exactly say that the guy destroyed Capitalism, but if Capitalism goes away and David Li starts getting medals from the Chinese government, we'll know what happened. Financial Kung fu! Genius!

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