rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Further Adventures of the Bits

There was a sun shower this afternoon. It lasted about ninety seconds. It was the most interesting thing that happened here all day. The second most interesting thing was a blue jay screeching at me because I dared to go out into my his yard. The third most interesting thing was that a cricket has been stuck in the outdoor sink all evening. Can't crickets hop high enough to escape from sinks? He must have an agenda!

The fourth most interesting thing was probably stumbling across Scribd. While Scribd is an interesting service (upload and download all sorts of (but mostly text-based) crap) it's a major hassle to deal with— e-mails flying back and forth, total strangers asking to be your "friend" the second you click the sign-up link, all sorts of site self-promotion on every page— it's a zoo there. All I wanted was a pdf of one document. Get a grip, Scribd! You come on too strong!

But there's a 100% chance of precipitation for the next two days, dropping to 50% for the following three. That roof will leak, I know. Got to get more buckets.

I remember mornings when the San Gabriel Mountains looked like this (this scene is about three or four miles from where I used to live.) The problem with living on a mountain, as I do now, is you can't look at them. I really miss the looming mountain views I used to enjoy in Los Angeles.
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