rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I had to dig out my clip-ons when I went shopping this afternoon, because the sun was so bright. Tonight the clouds have thickened again and I can see only a few stars. It's gone quite cold now, too. K-mart has not begun its final clearance sale, so there's no new hoodie to wear when I go out to look at the starlessness, either. I must launder an old hoodie. It was a failure to plan ahead for all contingencies. I feel like a banker.

There was other stuff to be done today besides shopping, so I'm running late again. That seems to happen more often all time. Either the earth is turning faster and a day now lasts less than twenty four hours, or I'm slowing down. It must be the former. I couldn't possibly be aging. After all, I have Internets! They keep you young forever, don't they?
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