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This afternoon there were some brief flurries of slushy snow, and some very small hail that made a satisfying (though slippery) crunch underfoot as I went out to fetch the mail. The falling wetness soon returned to its liquid form, though, and it doesn't look like we'll be getting any white ground soon. Tomorrow is expected to be partly sunny. The feral cats will be pleased, I'm sure.

Speaking of cats, one of the most amusing things about PETA's attempt to re-brand fish as Sea Kittens and thereby generate more human sympathy for them is the fact that kitties are themselves among the world's most adept carnivores. Kitties are nearly perfect little killers, and not the least bit sentimental about their prey.

If PETAns wanted to create a more positive image for fish, they really ought to have tried re-branding them as Sea Bunnies. No bunny ever brought a human a gift of a dead rat or bird. Besides which, kitties love fish (and not at all in the same way PETA loves fish) and, if they had boats and opposable thumbs, would probably be our biggest land-based competition for seafood. Add to this the fact that a substantial percentage of humans hate cats, and it's clear that PETA's campaign is unlikely to enhance the image of fish.

Still, the campaign has presented the Internets with an abundance of lulz in the form of overwrought reactions such as
"Its appalling to think that these asshats from PETA intentionally schemed to manipulate children and, perhaps, developmentally challenged adults into thinking that fish are not fish, but that they are furry wittle puddietat fwends."
Yup, I'm sure appalled. No, wait. I'm not. I'm amused!

So far I've not come across any retaliatory web sites attempting to re-brand PETAns as long pig but, the Internets being a big place, I'm sure there's at least one such by now.

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