rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


As I'd anticipated, the steady rain has removed all trace of snow. As I'd feared, the roof has begun leaking again. To my surprise, ants have invaded the house. Usually the ants show up during the spring rains, but I guess the unseasonable warmth of January led them to become active early. They probably have loads of baby ants to feed, and now it's turned cold and wet and they are seeking sustenance in my kitchen. Stupid ants. All they get is crushed, and now my kitchen smells of formicid cadavers.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday could be dry, which is timely. This is the week I'd like to make my annual trip to K-mart to buy a years supply of cheap clothing. Closeouts! There might be another hoodie in my future. I'm thinking I ought to nab as much stuff as I can this year, as there's no telling how much longer the local K-mart will survive. The company is not doing very well, and our store is seldom busy. It's a wonder it has lasted this long. Everybody in town goes to Chico to shop. Except me, of course. I only go to Chico when I'm threatened with immolation by a wildfire.

A night full of interruptions again, due in part to Mom's tinnitus. She keeps calling me into her room to listen for the mosquito nobody hears but her. Her short-term memory is so bad she can't remember telling me about it half a dozen times already. At least she still remembers what tinnitus is, so I don't have to stay in there very long each time, hunting for a nonexistent insect.

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