rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Snow returned early this morning, turning the world bright long before dawn arrived. It wasn't the slushy snow of the other day, either, but a fine powder that clung to every bare branch and twig, so the landscape was full of vivid detail, like an ornate etching. The day was cold enough, and the air still enough, that by the time I woke this afternoon there was still a thin rime clinging to every tree and plant, though the snow had long since stopped, leaving us with no more than three inches on the ground.

Later, a bit of sleety rain began to fall, and a bit of rooftop snow-melt crept into the downspouts which began dripping quick rhythms and the occasional rapid tattoo. After a while it was like being in a room with a nervous person obsessively drumming their fingers. I was glad when enough snow melted to produce a steady stream of water so the downspouts could make their usual rattle. More recently, it has returned to intermittent beats as the nocturnal chill re-freezes the snow, and the rain has been replaced by a slushy snow-like substance once again. A bit of wind has risen. I'm glad I don't have to drive in this stuff.

Forecast still says there's a better-than-even chances of precipitation for each of the next five days. Every inch of snow in the mountains helps. May February continue being wintry!

The gray cat ate well this evening, but later I heard a cat fight going on somewhere beyond the back fence. He was probably in it. If he was ill the last few days, he must be feeling better now.

Oh, a tiny spider is crawling on my wall. She's the first to visit my room in a long time. I must give her a name!

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