rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Boomless But Sparkly

Snow began falling at dusk. A couple of hours later, the town's snow plow scraped along a nearby street just as I went outside and saw the beam of a floodlight up the block catch the falling snow and the drifting fog, and I misinterpreted both sight and sound. The snow looked like sparks, and the fog looked like smoke, and the scraping of the snow plow sounded like the roar of one of those Fourth of July fountains. I thought a neighbor was setting off fireworks in his garage! It took a moment for me to realize what was actually happening, but the brief delusion was oddly enjoyable. In some doltish part of my brain it was summer, and there would be watermelon! But who had turned the thermostat for the air conditioner so low? Then reality kicked in, and I felt sudden disappointment. The only compensation for this was the fresh smell of the winter air, fresh and iced.

The snow is very wet. I hope it doesn't get too deep. Heavy snowfall is apt to lead to power outage. Precipitation is likely for the next five days. Looks like it's Winter II.

Oh, and it's been twenty hours since any food or water has gone from the bowls I leave out for the feral cats. I'm a bit worried. Here, kitty kitty!

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