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Dry Ice [Feb. 9th, 2009|11:24 pm]
So far no snow, and the rain has ended for now, but there's plenty of icy air. Something containing H2O is likely to fall from the sky on four of the next five days, though. It might be frozen. One indication of the likelihood of this is the unsurprising return southward this evening of several flocks of waterfowl who had headed north during the recent warm spell. I suspected as much.

I haven't seen either feral cat for the last couple of days, but the food continues to gradually disappear from the dish I leave out for them. I don't blame them for not hanging out on the porch. Even when the breezes die down it's way too cold to stay out there more than a couple of minutes. I hope the kitties are staying as warm as they can under the circumstances.

But there are way worse things than cold, of course. That could be California come May or June. More snow in the mountains would help reduce the chances of that. Come on, snow!