rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Tonight I got to watch the nearly-full moon rise among scattered clouds. There might be rain again by the time the moon is full. Nighttime temperatures will be getting down close to freezing, too, so there might even be a bit of snow here tomorrow night or Monday. Snow tends not to leak through the ceiling, so that might be an improvement on rain— aside from that whole freezing my ass off thing.

There was a single frog croaking nearby this evening. The first frog of the year! It only croaked a few times. I think there might have been more frogs croaking farther away, but the sound was too faint for me to be sure. It might have been nothing more than an echo of my joints creaking.

I haven't seen the white-faced cat for several days now, and there's no evidence that he's been eating any of the food I leave out. Somebody is eating it, gradually, but I think it's only the gray cat. White-faced cat is a messy eater, and pushes the bowl around, and the fact that the bowl hasn't been moved and doesn't have any kitty slobber in it suggests that he hasn't been at it. If Gray cat has been around he hasn't been staying long, so I haven't seen him since Wednesday, but I don't think any other cat is coming around, so he must be the one eating what little food disappears. He'll be happy if white-faced cat never returns. I'd miss the sloppy little bugger, though.

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